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Ways to spoil your pet silly!

Do you have a furry friend who you love to itsy bitsy pieces? Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about your beloved pet cat or dog. The one who takes over your entire house, snuggles up when needs some food, poops like there’s no tomorrow but in the end adores you to the moon and back. It honestly feels wonderful to have someone who makes you feel happy and comfy and keeps you sane in this ever rushing urban world. So it is only fair to indulge your pet with the best pampering ever and we have scraped up some perfect ways you can do that.

A homemade treat goes a long way

Usually to show our appreciation for someone we cook or bake them something yummy so why not do the same for our furry pet?  And there’s no denying that our pet cat or dog would living a lavish life full of treats. Ditch those cat or dog foods for a day and cook something delicious and healthy on your own. There are so many recipes available online which you can take tips from. If you think you will mess up, you can easily get in touch with a pet store who provides fresh gourmet treats. Your pet will love you no matter what!

Have a spa day

Even though cats and dogs don’t really love bath time but they do like looking all fluffed up and pretty. So a good, wholesome grooming day is never a bad idea. Mark down at least one day a week to give your pet the best spa treatment ever. It is not even compulsory to book an appointment at the vet’s for that. You can do it at home and have a great bonding time together. It honestly feels nice to scrub your pet clean, brush and dry their fur, give a little trimming and keep all their paws and teeth clean and safe.

Go out, have fun

Who says a vacation with your pet dog or cat is not fun? Well no one unless you don’t know how to plan a pet friendly trip. It is true that our pets don’t like to sit in a car for too long and need quality time spend outside a moving vehicle. But if you take planned breaks and carry their favorite stuff you can easily have a fabulous holiday spent with your furry friend. Just in case your pet gets motion sickness or your destination is not pet friendly you can easily send it to a pet resort where long walks, playmates, cozy beds and yummy treats await.

Visit a vet for a healthy pet

So your pet cat or dog might not find a visit to the vet very entertaining but their good health and care is equally important as all the other things you do to spoil them. Making sure that your furry friend lives a long and healthy life is one the best things even if it means your pet giving you a cold shoulder for some time after the vet visit. Monthly or bi-monthly trips to the pet clinic will ensure that you are up to date on your pet care and your beloved pet is perfectly vaccinated and fit to rule their kingdom i.e. your house.

A cozy bed is a heavenly gift

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have your pet snooze off in style? Well you should look for the most perfect and comfy bed with soft blankets or a snuggly pillow. There are so many designs and options to choose from and a good sleep will help your pet feel wonderful. If your pet isn’t as young when you met each other, it’s better to treat him or her with a heated bed or an orthopedic pillow so he or she can relax and nap in a better way.

Plan a fun day

Just like humans, our furry friends can also get bored. You can have a pet party at your place so your cat or dog can frolic around with his or her playmates. A visit to a park for a long walk and a ball game is also going to be super fun. If you have a dog you can even take him or her to the beach to run along on the sand and jump in the water. Playing with your cat and dog can be really relaxing and refreshing and will help you stay connected for a long time.

Shower them with lots of petting and hugs

Believe it or not pets, even proud cats love it when they are praised and petted. It shows them how much you care for them and makes them happy and satisfied. The more you show your love for them, the more they will be on their best behavior and understand you better. Teach them tricks, appreciate their efforts and always give them attention so they don’t feel unwanted and forgotten.

Being a pet owner is lots of fun but don’t forget that you are responsible for a life as well. Not caring and providing your pet ample attention will not only be harmful for your pet but also hurt you. Provide your animal partner quality food, a good place to sleep, lots of love and always find fun ways to hang out with them. A good belly rub and a yummy treat will win you quite some snuggles and loving licks!

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