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Be the best pet owner

Are you a proud owner of a squishy cat or a huggable dog? Well congratulations, you have made the best choice ever. Having a furry friend in the house is most probably the most wonderful feeling. You feel the love, the comfort and the ample feeling of being with someone good and not being lonely. But in all the glory and glitter of having a pet you can’t forget about your responsibility of being a good and attentive pet owner. To help you out we have collected some quality tips which will make your pet experience fantastic.

A healthy and safe environment

Before you bring your pet home make sure that your place does not have any harmful objects which can hurt your pet. Pet proofing your house is very important since you will be taking care of someone dependent on your love and attention. Make sure that you keep the household and food items which can be dangerous locked in a secure place so your pet can’t reach them and get into trouble. It is best to have quality treats, pet toys and resting space for your pet to make sure he or she feels welcome and ‘at home’.

Make your pet part of the family

You might have adopted a pet for your companionship but don’t forget to keep them company as well. Make sure they feel cozy and loved at your place. Cats and dogs both require warmth and welcoming atmosphere. Don’t restrict them to a small area. Make sure they are able to go around the house. Add them to your household festivities and pretty much love and care for them in a wholesome manner.

Schedule vet visits

One of the most important things you need to do as a pet owner is to make timely visits to the pet clinic. Annual checkups will help catch any problem or disease right at the beginning and keep your pet healthy and well. Pets usually end up not expressing enough pain and illness signs until it is too late, so be responsible and attentive towards your pet. Your pet’s comfort and ease is very essential to make him or her be playful and happy.

Get your pet ID tagged

If you are an owner of a cat or dog it is best to get it microchipped. Our furry friends love to roam around and can sometimes get lost or stolen by mistake. The microchip will not only help you find your pet but also identify it right. It is also equally important to hang an ID tag around your pet’s tag. There are quite some cute and funky designs you can choose from and make your very own customized ID tag. Your pet will not only look lovely but also show how much you care.

Keep your pet groomed

Dedicate some quality time into grooming your pet. Trim the nails, keep the paws clean, brush the fur and bathe your pet to keep him or her fresh and adorable. The more well-groomed your pet is the better he or she will smell and be more cuddle worthy. Grooming really helps you notice any fleas or tick invasion and helps you find any injury quicker than usual ensuring that your pet remains safe and healthy. Not to forget that grooming can be a very perfect way to bond with your pet.

Train your pet

Training your pet how to behave and react to scenarios is a very essential thing. Whether you have a cat or dog you need to teach them to be nice and obedient and social able around people. Make them understand what is dangerous and what a bad habit is. Training them where and how to poop will help you keep your place clean and nice smelling. Help them remember their name and teach them about basic instructions which can later become very helpful in an emergency situation.

Feed and exercise your pet

A good pet owner is very careful when it comes to feeding his or her pet. Consult a vet about what types of food are good for your pet and how much should you feed at a time. Keeping a watch on your pet’s diet portion and schedule will help manage weight and avoid any health complications. Always try to make homemade treats for your pet to reward for good behavior. All pets need ample time to stretch their legs and exercise. It not only makes them happy but helps maintain their energy. Without enough activity room your pet can become depressed or start acting up.

Having a furry friend is the best feeling in the world. But you need to take care of them and be a good owner as well. For pets you are their world so make sure you shower them with your love and attention. From grooming and feeding to making sure they are healthy and know lifesaving commands, make sure that you give your pet the best possible treatment.

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